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Official Minecraft books

Updated: The Minecraft Handbooks!

Exciting news, the updated Minecraft Handbooks are in store now!

Each of the updated handbooks includes an additional sixteen pages of new content, in line with Minecraft game updates.  Look out for all the latest mobs including Guardian, Elder Guardian, Endermite, and Rabbit in The Beginners Handbook.

Minecraft Beginners Handbook Updated 2015

The Combat Handbook has been updated with new mobs, just as in the Beginners Handbook. New potions and the enchanting process has been updated.  There’s also more content on both armour stands and battle strategies.

The Constructon Handbook has a whole lot of community builds, Minecraft gaming modes and materials updates including a colour builds section and an ocean-themed section. Take a look at “Ocean temple” and try your hand at “Atlantis”, a new community build.

Minecraft Construction Handbook Updated 2015

The Redstone Handbook has even more advanced tips. You can try the new builds: automated chicken farm, 3 x 3 piston door and potion lab.

Minecraft Redstone Handbook Piston Door

The authors of the Minecraft Handbooks are Fyre UK, check out their Minecraft Time lapses on YouTube!