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Q&A with Fyre UK

A bit about Fyre UK

Fyre UK are Matt and Phil and they’re the authors of the Minecraft Handbooks. Both Matt and Phil have been playing since 2011. Matt originally picked up the game in 2010 and fell in love with it but couldn’t persuade Phil to give it a go until 2011 but once he did he fell in love with it too. Later they both began sharing their creative abilities with the world via YouTube and using timelapse (sped up footage) of them building to show their audience what they were building.

Why is Minecraft so popular?

Since its origins in 2009, Minecraft has become a phenomenon in its own right.

Given that is was released early, it means that it has been able to grow and evolve as a real community game. It started with no rules, which left the community able to do new and exciting things with it on their own. This helped its evolvement and it has spread so quickly due to the ability to get involved and through word of mouth. It is also simple to use and allows anyone playing it to be really creative – it’s just great fun!

 What is the most awesome thing you’ve built on Minecraft?

We love everything we build in Minecraft but we’re both very fond of a large scale Asian themed build we did called ‘The Land of Akane’ it’s a massive kingdom of different cities, towns and temples that spans a huge area in Minecraft – you can check out the timelapse video for that here:

We also built something on a scale not ever seen in Minecraft before this past Christmas, a giant scale version of a toy store – selling everything from classic toys to Minecraft figures and even the Handbooks themselves; all built in Minecraft:

What’s the best way for kids to learn Minecraft?

It totally depends on what part of Minecraft they want to play. Survival, Creative or experience different gametypes online. There’s so many different ways from the amazing Handbooks that can teach you everything from building to redstone contraptions or tips on how to battle the different monsters you can find in the world of Minecraft. There’s also so many different online resources and helpful guides on how to get started; we’d recommend picking up the Beginners Handbook if you want a quick and easy way to get into the game.

Who are your favourite Minecrafters?

We can’t say ourselves can we? [No? haha] We love so many different Minecrafters from the skilled redstone engineers like SethBling to the hilarious commentary given by players like RoosterTeeth (Let’s Play) and Yogscast. We’re lucky enough to have worked with so many other talented Minecrafters too and are honoured to call them friends now – people like TheSyndicateProject and CaptainSparklez are just fantastic Minecrafters and we love working with them everyday.

What’s your favourite Minecraft video?

How about three?

We actually built the sets for these fantastic music videos and we love being apart of them so much, they really bring our builds to life.


What work are you are doing with the UN?

In 2012 Mojang and the UN began a joint project, Block By Block, to regenerate over 300 urban locations around the world.

We have been heavily involved in this project – modelling areas in Minecraft, for developing countries such as Kenya, Nepal, India and Haiti. We use the game as a communication tool with these countries so they can show us what they would like to be built. Real architects then come on board to help bring the creations to life. We are currently close to completion on a project in Haiti and are well underway with another in Nepal.

What is the question we should have asked you?

Hmmm… good question… maybe ‘Where does Matt get his brilliant singing voice from?’ or ‘How do you come up with new ideas or keep being creative?’ we get those asked to us a lot.