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Minecraft: Blockopedia

Minecraft can be an overwhelming place in which to set foot, it helps to know what’s around you, in the air, under your feet, and at your virtual fingertips. That’s why every Minecrafter needs Blockopedia, 300 indispensable pages stuffed with facts and stats about every single block in one easy to use guide.

Blocks are organised into type: naturally generated, ores and minerals, plants, and liquids and gases. Basic blocks such as dirt, grass, and cobblestone are found in abundance in the Overworld. But for the rarer variety, such as the Monster Spawner, it will mean a perilous trip into the Nether dimension. Blocks are accompanied with stats on blast resistance, light emittance, transparency and block drops. You’ll discover the secrets of each block and informative facts about how they behave.

If that wasn’t enough, Blockopedia is presented in hexagonal block form in a stylish box making it the ultimate gift for every Minecrafter.

So take the Blockopedia in hand and step boldly forth as you explore, build and battle in the incredible world of Minecraft!

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